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What You Want To Know If You’re Pursuing Your Dream of Homeownership

what you want to know if youre pursuing your dream of homeownership KCM 549x300 1

If you’re a young adult, you may be thinking about your goals and priorities for the months and years ahead. And if homeownership ranks high on your goal sheet, you’re in good…

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Why There Won’t Be a Flood of Foreclosures Coming to the Housing Market

why there wont be a flood of foreclosures coming to the housing market KCM 549x300 1

With the rapid shift that’s happened in the housing market this year, some people are raising concerns that we’re destined for a repeat of the crash we saw in 2008. But in…

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Home Sweet Home: The Emotional Benefits of Homeownership [INFOGRAPHIC]

Home Sweet Home The Emotional Benefits Of Home Ownership KCM Share 549x300 1

Some Highlights While there are many financial perks to owning a home, there are also powerful non-financial benefits to consider if you’re thinking about making a move. Homeownership allows you to express…

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What Buyers Need To Know About the Inventory of Homes Available for Sale

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If you’re thinking about buying a home, you’re likely trying to juggle your needs, current mortgage rates, home prices, your schedule, and more to try to decide if you want to jump…

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Mortgage Rates Will Come Down, It’s Just a Matter of Time

mortgage rates will come down its just a matter of time KCM 549x300 1

This past year, rising mortgage rates have slowed the red-hot housing market. Over the past nine months, we’ve seen fewer homes sold than the previous month as home price growth has slowed….

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More People Are Finding the Benefits of Multigenerational Households Today

more people are finding the benefits of multigenerational living KCM 549x300 1

If you’re thinking of buying a home and living with siblings, parents, or grandparents, then multigenerational living may be for you. The Pew Research Center defines a multigenerational household as a home…

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Why It May Be Time To Add Newly Built Homes to Your Search

why it may be time to add newly built homes to your search KCM 549x300 1

If you put a pause on your home search because you weren’t sure where you’d go once you sold your house, it might be a good time to get back into the…

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VA Loans: Making Homes for the Brave Achievable [INFOGRAPHIC]

VA Loans Making Homes For The Brave Achievable KCM Share 549x300 1

Some Highlights VA Loans can help make homeownership possible for those who have served our country. These loans offer great benefits for eligible individuals and can help them buy a VA-approved house…

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VA Loans Can Help Veterans Achieve Their Dream of Homeownership

VA loans can help veterans achieve their dream of homeownership KCM 549x300 1

For over 78 years, Veterans Affairs (VA) home loans have provided millions of veterans with the opportunity to purchase homes of their own. If you or a loved one have served, it’s…

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What’s Ahead for Mortgage Rates and Home Prices?

whats ahead for mortgage rates and home prices KCM 549x300 1

Now that the end of 2022 is within sight, you may be wondering what’s going to happen in the housing market next year and what that may mean if you’re thinking about…

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The Majority of Americans Still View Homeownership as the American Dream

the majority of americans still view homeownership as the american dream KCM 549x300 1

Buying a home is a powerful decision, and it remains a key part of the American Dream. In fact, the 2022 Consumer Insights Report from Mynd found the majority of people polled…

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Key Factors Affecting Home Affordability Today

key factors affecting home affordability today KCM 549x300 1

Every time there’s a news segment about the housing market, we hear about the affordability challenges buyers are facing today. Those headlines are focused on how much mortgage rates have climbed this…

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Homeownership Wins Over Time [INFOGRAPHIC]

homeownership wins over time KCM Share 549x300 1

Some Highlights If you’re questioning whether or not to buy a home this year due to today’s cooling market, consider the long-term financial benefits of homeownership. As a homeowner, equity increases your…

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Do You Believe Homeownership Is Out of Reach? Maybe It Doesn’t Have To Be.

do you believe homeownership is out of reach maybe it doesnt have to be KCM 549x300 1

It turns out, millennials aren’t the renter generation after all. The 2022 Consumer Insights Report from Mynd says there’s a portion of millennial and Gen Z buyers who are pursuing homeownership as…

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3 Trends That Are Good News for Today’s Homebuyers

3 trends that are good news for todays homebuyers KCM 549x300 1

While higher mortgage rates are creating affordability challenges for homebuyers this year, there is some good news for those people still looking to buy a home. As the market has cooled this…

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Taking the Fear out of Saving for a Home

taking the fear out of saving for a home KCM 549x300 1

If you’re planning to buy a home, knowing what to budget for and how to save may sound scary at first. But it doesn’t have to be. One way to take the…

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Applying for a Mortgage Doesn’t Have To Be Scary [INFOGRAPHIC]

applying for a mortgage doesnt have to be scary KCM 549x300 1

Some Highlights Even with higher mortgage rates, the mortgage process doesn’t need to be something you fear. Here are some steps to help as you set out to buy a home. Know…

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3 Graphs Showing Why Today’s Housing Market Isn’t Like 2008

3 graphs showing why todays housing market isnt like 2008 KCM 549x300 1

With all the headlines and talk in the media about the shift in the housing market, you might be thinking this is a housing bubble. It’s only natural for those thoughts to…

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What Happens to Housing when There’s a Recession?

what happens to housing when theres a recession KCM 549x300 1

Since the 2008 housing bubble burst, the word recession strikes a stronger emotional chord than it ever did before. And while there’s some debate around whether we’re officially in a recession right…

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Pre-Approval Is a Critical First Step on Your Homebuying Journey

pre approval is a critical first step on your homebuying journey share KCM 549x300 1

If you’re planning to buy a home this year, one of the first steps on your journey is getting pre-approved. Especially in today’s market when mortgage rates are higher than they were…

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