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How Experts Can Help Close the Gap in Today’s Homeownership Rate

how experts can help close the gap in todays homeownership rate KCM

As we celebrate Black History Month, we reflect on the past and present experiences of Black Americans. This includes the path toward investing in a home of their own. And while equitable…

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You May Not Need as Much as You Think for Your Down Payment [INFOGRAPHIC]

You May Not Need As Much As You Think For Your Down Payment KCM Share
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Lower Mortgage Rates Are Bringing Buyers Back to the Market

lower mortgage rates are bringing buyers back to the market KCM

As mortgage rates rose last year, activity in the housing market slowed down. And as a result, homes started seeing fewer offers and stayed on the market longer. That meant some homeowners…

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Where Will You Go If You Sell? You Have Options.

where will you go if you sell you have options KCM

There are plenty of good reasons you might be ready to move. No matter your motivations, before you list your current house, you need to consider where you’ll go next.

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Homeownership Builds Your Wealth over Time [INFOGRAPHIC]

Homeownership Builds Your Wealth In The Over Time KCM Share
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Why It Makes Sense To Move Before Spring

why it makes sense to move before spring KCM

Spring is usually the busiest season in the housing market. Many buyers wait until then to make their move, believing it’s the best time to find a home. However, that isn’t always…

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The 3 Factors That Affect Home Affordability

the 3 factors that affect home affordability KCM

If you’ve been following the housing market over the last couple of years, you’ve likely heard about growing affordability challenges. But according to experts, the key factors that determine housing affordability are…

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Pre-Approval in 2023: What You Need To Know

pre approval in 2023 what you need to know KCM

One of the first steps in your homebuying journey is getting pre-approved. To understand why it’s such an important step, you need to understand what pre-approval is and what it does for…

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Think Twice Before Waiting for 3% Mortgage Rates

think twice about waiting for 3 percent mortgage rates KCM

Last year, the Federal Reserve took action to try to bring down inflation. In response to those efforts, mortgage rates jumped up rapidly from the record lows we saw in 2021, peaking…

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Key Terms To Know When Buying a Home [INFOGRAPHIC]

Key Terms To Know When Buying A Home KCM
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What Are Your Goals in the Housing Market This Year?

what are your goals in the housing market this year KCM 549x300 1

If buying or selling a home is part of your dreams for 2023, it’s essential for you to understand today’s housing market, define your goals, and work with industry experts to bring…

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What Makes a House a Home?

what makes a house a home KCM 549x300 1

There’s no denying the long-term financial benefits of owning a home, but today’s housing market may have you wondering if now’s still the time to buy. While the financial aspects of buying…

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Mortgage Rates Are Dropping. What Does That Mean for You?

mortgage rates are dropping what does that mean for you KCM 549x300 1

Mortgage rates have been a hot topic in the housing market over the past 12 months. Compared to the beginning of 2022, rates have risen dramatically. Now they’re dropping, and that has…

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Planning to Retire? It Could Be Time To Make a Move.

planning to retire it could be time to make a move KCM 549x300 1

If you’re thinking about retirement or have already retired this year, you may be planning your next steps. One of your goals could be selling your house and finding a home that…

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You May Have More Negotiation Power When You Buy a Home Today

you may have more negotiation power when you buy a home today kcm 549x300 1

Did the frequency and intensity of bidding wars over the past two years make you put your home search on hold? If so, you should know the hyper competitive market has cooled…

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Homeownership Is an Investment in Your Future

homeownership is an investment in your future KCM 549x300 1

There are many people thinking about buying a home, but with everything affecting the economy, some are wondering if it’s a smart decision to buy now or if it makes more sense…

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Key Advantages of Buying a Home Today

key advantages of buying a home today KCM 549x300 1

There’s no doubt buying a home today is different than it was over the past couple of years, and the shift in the market has led to advantages for buyers today. Right…

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Prioritizing Your Wants and Needs as a Homebuyer in Today’s Market

prioritizing your wants and needs as a homebuyer in todays market KCM 549x300 1

There’s no denying mortgage rates are higher now than they were last year. And if you’re thinking about buying a home, this may be top of mind for you. That’s because those…

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What You Want To Know If You’re Pursuing Your Dream of Homeownership

what you want to know if youre pursuing your dream of homeownership KCM 549x300 1

If you’re a young adult, you may be thinking about your goals and priorities for the months and years ahead. And if homeownership ranks high on your goal sheet, you’re in good…

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3 Ways You Can Use Your Home Equity

3 ways you can use your home equity KCM 549x300 1

If you’re a homeowner, odds are your equity has grown significantly over the last few years as home prices skyrocketed and you made your monthly mortgage payments. Home equity builds over time and can…

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